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Kjartan Haug's First 30 Day Walk In The Wilderness

A Poet and Musician Achieves Commando Level Wilderness Survival

I received a message from a person. She asked me about the picture of me and the wild dog Buster, the profile picture, above.

Kjartan Haug took the picture after almost 30 days in the wilderness.

It was Kjartan, Buster and me. That was Kjartan’s first 30 day walk in the wilderness.

Not many people can finish a walk like that, but Kjartan did. Not one negative word in 30 days.


We had everything from tropical heat to severe snow and rain storms.

The last day and night, we walked nonstop through rain and bad weather in very bad terrain, approximately 70 kilometers. Just stopped to drink and eat a little.

Kjartan did this after 29 days of walking with me, sometimes we walked days and nights through the wilderness. No sleep.

Yet, he finished strong the last 24 hours. Sometimes we almost blew off the mountains.

I was very impressed by him, because very few people can do something like that.

What Kjartan went through in a month, was probably worse than when I was in the Army Rangers.

When we started, each backpack weighed approximately 60 kilos, with the dog food.

Not bad for a poet and singer songwriter, they can be very tough, apparently.

Who has the courage to tag along next time?

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