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Get Lost in the Wild challenges are ideal for companies looking to provide a growth experience for their valuable employees - to develop stronger leaders and more creative teams.

Our team brings its own knowledge of wilderness living and survival as an experiential learning dimension for individuals seeking to develop their leadership capability. We can provide the landscape and guiding facilitation to help individuals develop in competency areas that are the foundation of effective leadership - including self awareness, initiative, tolerance and optimism. We can design with you any number of experiences to will align with your professional development programs. Two examples follow:

Experience: 16 Days

The Big Drop journey is contingent on our consultation with you to fit this experience in with your leadership development program. Participants are told no more, except that part of the journey is the preparation before the drop into the wilderness.

We take teams to the edge .. to bring them together

Experience: 5 Days

These challenges can also fit with leadership development but are also ideal to develop team dynamics. They are shorter adventures, ideal for those who don’t have so much time at their disposal, and they are intense, designed to push boundaries and comfort zones to affirm individual and group strengths and also to reveal and emphasise areas for ongoing development.’

Investigate further. Let us help you tailor for your organisation a learning experience to test and expand the potential of your employees
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