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Why Wilderness

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Wilderness is a place to escape, to nurture to develop and grow

self awareness self confidenceself esteemleadership team spiritmind and body communicationpersonal insight into how you relate to others - animals and humanswilderness knowledge and survivalbushcraft, native intelligence, creativity and resourcefulness.

Stefan and kids
Wilderness is an ideal environment for all of these reasons and best still, there is no one around to watch you let it all hang out. We want you to come along for the ride and we take you as you are.

Life on the arctic plains or higher up in alpine fjäll country where we are currently based in the province of Dalarna close to the Norweigan border is exhilarating. On skis you can do some glorious day trips, especially nice in April, though with global warming, expect April weather to occur in February. That’s powder snow, blue skies and miles upon swedish miles of virgin untouched snowfall. Just you and your posse of fellow tourers making it from frozen mountain to frozen lake and all the winter wonderland and cozy stop over cabins, in between. Pulling down your ski pants and hanging your bottom in the cold air is something else too. Reindeer Jerky, straight porridge, no excuses, this is about survival as well, especially when we go deep into the wilderness on one of our longer hikes, camping out and taking the right food and just enough (unless you catch some fish through the ice cap in winter or grab one right out of the water in spring). Sitting together around a fire pit at night, staring into the wilderness TV. Nothing like it.

In summer, every paddle in the canoe or step of the way through forests, over mountains and across glaciers, you get to know how to do it right and learn how to survive. This is all part of a wilderness adventure. There’s something new to learn every time because no two days are the same and each brings its own challenges. That’s what keeps people coming back. Just you and nature. We will help you emerge with a greater sense of personal growth and satisfaction. And sure, boundaries will be moved at times when you least expect but life is something you can’t control completely. Right? We invite you to roll with it. People who have ventured with us on some of our longer hikes will tell you that they emerged with a new inner strength - that remains with them.

PLEASE NOTE: Where possible, Get Lost invites people to bring their animals with them into the wilderness - dogs and horses in particular. Our lead guide Stefan Forsman is world renowned for his work in the field of animal behavioural development. Apart from giving your dog or horse a wonderful holiday, he will teach you how to work more successfully with your animals. This combination of animal training with the wilderness experience is a very powerful way of developing leadership capabilities, personal effectiveness and inner strength.SEE MORE ON THIS VIDEO

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An expedition with Get Lost In The Wild will unravel more than a story about a journey into the wilds of Scandinavia. It will be the end of yourself as you know it. This is your call into the wilderness underbelly of Sweden and other wild destinations. Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn, there is another universe to explore, to experience and to personally evolve. That’s the biggest takeaway of all. What you will learn is how important nature is, about your place in nature and whatever you fear, we will help you find the courage and the humour to know that you can get over it and move on. And the satisfaction to know that you are, at heart, a survivor.

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