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Swedish Stone Age Intelligence

Swedish Stone Age Intelligence ... educational package a winner!

ʻIntense course .. great information .. great food .. interesting and so much more than I expectedʼ

These are some of the comments from the Swedish Stone Age Intelligence weekend course. Participants report that the experience was illuminating and included a taster of skills from old ways to build fires, to cook, to trap and to navigate without a compass and map - all led by wilderness, bushcraft and survivalist specialist Stefan Forsman from Get Lost in the Wild. The Get Lost team theme interesting, experience-based educational packages that focus on helping people to feel safer and at home in the wilderness, and also without the use of modern conveniences.

‘Many of the time proven skills and practices that were developed by our ancestors to live and survive in the wild are still relevant and highly useful today,’ says Stefan Forsman. ‘This is why we like to kick off with the Swedish Stone Age Intelligence package, as an introduction that honours some of the valuable knowledge that has been handed down to us.’

Swedish Stone Age Intelligence is on offer during spring and autumn seasons, together with other Get Lost in the Wild educational experiences - each designed to help old skills continue, to help more people gain a better relationship with the earth, a greater appreciation of the natural world, how to live in it and how to enjoy it.


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