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Canine Oracles and Intuitive Powers To Detect Changes in Nature

It is incredible how animals know what is about to happen. After spending a lazy, beautiful hour in spring sunshine at Fjätfallen north of Särna, Buster, Lars and Mårten suddenly rushed out of the forest - and turned their collective focus onto the partially frozen river and waterfall.

Lars started growling at the edge of the river.

Mårten and Buster went to the edge of the rock platform and started barking. I wondered why. Then it happened.
About 30 seconds later. The sound was deafening. You could feel the blast of energy.
Then the realisation that icebergs were in fact now hurtling over the falls. The river after five months was breaking up at a furious pace and we were there to witness.

Lucky we had the camera to take before and after photos.
You could feel the peace along the river on the way back. Icebergs were all stacked up on the banks. It was quite a release.

Mårten, the youngest, thought he had something to do with it. He was very proud :)