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Geoengineering Interview Pulled from YouTube - it is hot alright. Evidence that places the blame for climate change and species extinction on chemtrails.

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Chemtrails - you cannot ignore them. They are everywhere.

We know they carry poisonous cocktails of aluminium, barium and strontium but why have we been duped into believing there is nothing to worry about?

It is time to act, based on this very powerful interview, which has been thankfully relocated. After receiving more than 70,000 hits on YouTube, the video of Russ Tanner’s recent interview with Dane Wigington from Geoengineering Watch was pulled. Big thanks to the viewer who re-posted the video at this new location! The newly uploaded video, of course, does not reflect the number of hits that it has actually received.

But please watch and take in this wealth of knowledge - in 28 minutes the whole scenario is explained with precision and a clear call to wake up more members in the community and quickly find a way to end this global program. Oceans are turning acid, soil is going fungal, species are rapidly going extinct, trees are losing their ability to be the lungs of the planet - and again, and again, causes for this lead all the way back to geo-engineering.


It is madness and as Dane Wigington explains, we could be looking at very dire consequences. Time is precious now. And none of us with sane minds and a care for the environment and the eco system - of which we are all a part of - have asked for this man-made scourge, which is being forced down upon us from above.

Start getting with it people. If you have been living off planet in the last 20 or so years, then you have an excuse. The rest of us have either looked up and wondered and perhaps questioned, or simply looked up and stuck their heads back in the sand.

Climate change and species extinction, the evidence is clear that chemtrail activity over 60 years is largely to blame. Not contrails, CHEMTRAILS. They are a reality. If you love your planet, yourself, your natural world and all the wildlife within it, then you should know about the difference between contrails and chemtrails.

For the simple reason, that one kind (a contrail from a plane) meets acceptable environmental impact levels. In stark contrast, a chemtrail squirting from an aircraft is toxic overload and all evidence in and on the table satisfies us that chemtrails must - for the sake of the health of every living thing on this planet, be stopped NOW:

The big difference between chemtrails and contrails .. is POISON

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chemtrail contrail croppedl

Here in Scandinavia, I will sit under a wide open sky some days in our wilderness back yard - often on a Sunday - and see this all being played out. First I will see a normal airliner - commercial passenger jet fly over and these will leave what is technically termed a contrail. A contrail, you will note, is white as well and starts to quickly fade within a minute of a plane moving through the atmosphere.

A chemtrail plane however, presents quite differently. These planes (can be commercial passenger carriers as well) but they are often unmarked planes that fly high in the sky, and the trail they leave behind does not dissipate. A chemtrail will stay up there, as visible as the plane that put it there and the trail will be as a long as the chemicals that are sprayed. Some that I have viewed have reached at least 10 kilometres in length. And then you will see these trails start to react with the air currents, usually panning out into long, wide bands of white nimbus looking formations, or plumes. A couple of flyovers in one morning of spraying will eventually merge and then all you can see is a murky haze hanging over the land, taking away the view of a what should have been a blue sky day. I don´t know about you, but when I see no other cloud in the sky and the chemtrails begin, that does not make my day.
If you did not already know this difference between the two kinds of trails, then hopefully now it should be enough to get you started and jiggy with activity and hound your local authorities and government. The more people who do, perhaps we can make a difference. For whatever is the agenda behind this 20 year plus campaign to paint our skies in templates for a noughts and crosses game, we all need to start taking some action before it is too late.

The facts as they stand, according to research into chemtrails, includes the use of these deadly aerosols to create a reflective shield in conjunction with the HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Programme) technology. And this is where it becomes scary because all evidence is pointing to a geophysical weapons schedule that most likely has been implemented and applied already:
> as a weapon to harm and kill innocent people, capable (if not already producing) a negative impact on the mental health of people and deliberately causing sickness and death tolls of entire populations around the earth:

> capable of breaking radio communication lines and equipment installed on spaceships and rockets, provoking serious accidents in electricity networks and in oil and gas pipelines: http: //

> as a perfect secret weapon to manipulate the weather and thus produce targeted weather related disasters and interfere with the production and access of food to entire populations.

Sound familiar already?

The bottom line reality is this:

What is being sprayed out of these planes is a toxic mixture of chemicals. TOXIC CHEMICALS that are designed to foul up our atmosphere and fall on our heads and find their way into our eco system.

The chemtrail brew is generally found to be made up of particles of aluminium, barium and apparently high levels of mercury, which is an insidious deadly killer. As Russ Tanner says on his excellent site: ‘’chemtrails are a literal vaccination from the sky .. drenching the population with toxic metals, which has the added benefit of making millions of people sick .. mercury causes cancer, miscarriage, birth defects and a host of other common diseases that end or severely shorten life spans.’’ Tanner is convinced that the chemtrail program is a deliberate program to both sterilise and reduce the world population. Read more about his own chemtrail story and observations, it is compelling:

View also this source for evidence of chemtrails that presented with a higher barium level which fell over Canada. Barium it is revealed is a health risk for its ability to reduce human levels of immunity:

And the plot thickens. Over the last few decades, the phenomena has accelerated and diversified. Fortunately, switched on people have been following, and the whole sorry topic of chemtrail activity is finally taking hold as a critical issue in the alternative media and within concerned scientific circles.

You can view this site for photographic evidence of different chemtrail skies around the world, of strange skin complaints and other diseases, including the now infamous condition called Morgellans disease, the cause of which is being strongly linked to chemtrail activity:

And also, this site for deep end scientific research - the Carnicom Institute, which reports a whole recipe book of other chemtrail brews that have been studied in recent years, including as far back as 2000, when curiously biological components also appeared in chemtrail fall out. Numerous red blood cells, white blood cells, and unidentified cell types were found within the sub micron fibers of ground samples taken in Sacramento in California and submitted to Carol M. Browner, Administrator of the United States Environmental Protection Agency for some answers:

Red and white blood cells? You have to ask yourself: why are these being sprayed? And why to this day, has there has been no official response from the US Environmental Protection Agency, nor disclosure that a lot of something is being sprayed and what it is for.


The powers that be in this world have very cleverly kept this chemtrail program under the public radar, out of the minds of the masses in a very sneaky way. Public programming has been genius, really. A world wide communications plan has successfully managed to devalue the real evidence coming forward to blast the program out of the water and put an end to it. And they have achieved this so simply. They (some pretty hefty powerful folk on this planet) have poured probably what must now be trillions of dollars/pounds/euros/yen/ and whatever else currency into this black budget geo-engineering operation.

Yet, officially, to concerned citizens the world over most questions as to what and why this is happening, have been met with a collective governmental blank face AND NO ANSWERS.

Are you awake yet? Who is really running this world? This is mother earth under seige and by default, all who live on her.

Those who are behind all of this, who make these chemical cocktails, who are behind buttons on these aircraft, who pilot these planes, who pay these pilots and crews, who run these companies, who are directed by other companies, who may have links to government bodies, military operatives, or more likely black operative groups who are supposed to not exist, all the way up to the major stakeholders that drives all of this activity. - the real power brokers on this planet. We wonder who they are because *they* above all the people who work for them to finally squirt chemicals into our atmosphere - they are the real culprits.

Time has come folks to make a stand. Our business here with Get Lost in the Wild is about reverence for the natural world. All animals, birds, fish, insect, plant, soil and flora, the water we drink and the air that we breathe, is under attack.

Are we angry? You bet.

We are angry, because the first victims of intentional chemtrail spraying is wildlife, the open environment is their home. It is heartbreaking that other known sources of pollution have decimated species, but their plight as a result of chemtrail activity is even more criminal; passionately brought home in this concerned video by an Australian man who has endeavoured to correlate spraying activity in his country with the untimely deaths there of birds, bees and other wildlife. And this is happening all over the planet? We should be angry.

The point is, we all need to take first class action and stand up for what is our birth rights to live in a healthy environment. The burning of fossil fuels and nuclear power plants are additional worries but at least we know - to some extent - why these operations exist. But chemtrails?

No longer can we continue to feign ignorance or disinterest in this blight on our skies - if you do, it is at your peril, of your family, indeed the future of everyone and every living thing.

These folk who spray down on us every day literally hide behind their own work with support networks that move amongst big science, big religion, big business, big government and big media to help indoctrinate us to think that what we see is normal.

That is pretty devious. They appear to have last word, particularly in mainstream places. For instance, a lot of people rely on the word from the mainstream media and to quickly establish information and facts on something, will likely only research as far as WIKIPEDIA. And of course WIKIPEDIA dutifully categorises a topic like chemtrails as a conspiracy theory, backed by every major scientific institution from the US to the UK and brazenly states thus so in official papers and responses to the thousands who have bothered to complain:

The problem is, the majority of people on the planet are either oblivious or have decided that the powers that be know what they are talking about and there is nothing to worry about because they have been officially told that chemtrails simply do not exist. This kind of mindset - to accept blindly information - is dangerous to say the least and has conveniently presented no real threat to challenge the program and putting it to an end.

So deeply ingrained is this program that the normalising of chemtrails has actually made its way into advertising, even into illustrations and cartoons for children:


If you don´t know this simple comparison already, we urge you to start educating yourself about the differences and the effects, immediately.


There are some fantastic, independant research organisations (some already cited here in this blog) and also activist groups - who you can now join on social media places like facebook.

Help inform yourself and stand up for something to be done.

HERE ARE SOME ACTIVISTS OPERATING IN DIFFERENT COUNTRIES - some with websites, some not - but all ENCOURAGE INFORMATION AND DISCUSSION about chemtrail programs and what to do about them.

Hopefully, our natural skies will one day be returned.

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